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Saturday, 14 May 2016

SEME and meme...and the seam of seem

If you look for Irish Megaliths in Google
my website will be at the top of the list,
but if you type Megalithic Ireland, it comes fourth,
after two impoverished Wikipedia entries and a very limited
and patchy semi-commercial site.
If you type Prehistoric Ireland
neither this site nor mine is even on the first page,
and if you type Prehistoric Monuments [of/in] Ireland,
his site is on the first page while mine is not.
If you type Irish Prehistoric Sites
both are on the first page...

These observations may not seem too important;
they do no more than point out that, in searching Google,
a lot depends on what you type -
but also, it seems, a lot depends on Google...


1 comment:

Marcus Billson said...

Keep being original. Good advice from you.