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Thursday, 19 May 2016


Between the teeming world of different yesterdays
and the world (more teeming) of indifferent tomorrows
and their insistence
is the chasm of explanation, blame -
the gap between our flesh and earth
or earth and flame -
the violent gap of sheer existence -
the stupid gap between language and feeling  -
the inner gap of wanting
(the outer world ransacked to satisfy us) failing
the billions wanting, trampling, wailing -
the great gap of consciousness
in which joy, so rare, so tender (like 'love')
is the feeling of inspiration just being itself
(unlike 'love'), not intruding
but simply being, beholding, attending,
not holding, not seeking, not including
but tending...bending...


Marcus Billson said...

Sublime. What does Ginnungagap mean?

Wofl said...

Don't you use Google, Marc ? It is the Norse primordial abyss :
" Ginnungagap is the bottomless abyss that was all there was prior to the beginning of the cosmos, and into which the cosmos will collapse once again during Ragnarok, the “Twilight of the Gods,” only to be reborn as the cycle completes itself. As the Eddic poem Völuspá, “The Insight of the Seeress,” describes the time before the cosmos existed...."

continued here: http://norse-mythology.org/cosmology/ginnungagap/

- with excellent photo.

Marcus Billson said...

Thanks. At the end of your post there is a clear falling into the joy of being. Stay there. A bientôt.