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Friday 14 November 2014

In 1941

while waiting to extrude me
in the expectation
of my adoption
my mother (a schoolteacher
in a village just beyond Belfast, Northern Ireland
from where it was difficult to travel
to Britain during World War II)
stayed at Wisteria Cottage,
Aldsworth, Berkshire (England) -
an even smaller village
whose crime rate in 2013 amounted to:

Anti-social behaviour : 1 offence
Bicycle theft    -
Burglary : 1 offence
Criminal damage and arson    -
Drugs    -
Other crime    -
Other theft    -
Possession of weapons    -
Public disorder and weapons    -
Public order    -
Robbery    -
Shoplifting    -
Theft from the person    -
Vehicle crime  1 offence
Violence and sexual offences    -
Violent crime    -
Total Crimes  :  3

My mother herself was the victim
of a fairly usual sexual-social crime
and, I regret to say, had not succeeded in aborting me.

I was born close by
at Folly Farm -

which I assumed was a kind of workhouse for 'unmarried mothers'
but was in fact an architectural pleasure/treasure -


and, as it happened,
in the end
she adopted me herself.

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