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Monday, 3 December 2012

Translation of a poem by Hafez

version by Anthony Weir, 2012

From a large pitcher
drink the wine of oneness
to wash your consciousness
of life's futility and greed,

and still keep your consciousness
like a great vessel. 
There can never be a need
to shrink awareness
into an unopened bottle!

When your mouth is blest and full
with wine of oneness
you are selfless,
prideless, free of dull
me-ness, cleansed of meanness.

Look to the pebble on the road
for inspiration,
not blue sky: aspiration
involves deceit, corruption,
and life becomes mere letters of a code.

Absorb the wine of oneness, give it body -
murder hypocrisy, not your heart.

Bestir yourself!  Get ready!
Lift up the jug - now start!

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